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Testimonials Page

Roger McLoyd

“I needed a bunch of T Joint Covers and I had a very quick turnaround time needed. The guys at Flash Tech Inc. really took care of me. We got it done and installed and my clients very happy. Thanks again guys.”

Jake Feely

“WOW! Solid work. Go get em. It's awesome to have some guys I know from the past be able to help me out. I really appreciate it Ryan.”

Jason Lewinski

“I bought some vent pipe flashing items from these guys and they really worked well. Craftsmanship was superb. I would recommend.”

Richard O’boyle

“Thank you so much Flash Tech for all of your help. I was on a huge deadline and you were able to meet it with your production. There's a lot of people in this industry that cannot get the job done. You guys are obviously not one of them. Thanks again!!”

Matt Shire

“I was in desperate need of some turbine vents. I was searching online and found these guys. Really cool guys. Went down to the office and had a good meeting. They got my work done in a timely manner. Thanks again guys. I really appreciate it.”