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FlashWrap® Cylindrical Split Flashing

FlashWrap® Cylindrical Split Flashing

Standard Sizes are 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6”. Flash Tech designed these cylindrical splits to flash continuous penetrations and are split so you can wrap the boot around the penetration. Prefabricated splits save significant time eliminating field fabrication. Sizes are maximum diameter of penetration, for example, if the OD of your ‘continuous’ penetration is 1.5” our 2” standard would be the right size to select. The effective range for each standard size is 1”, for example the 2” standard size has an effective range of 1” to 2”. See Drawing and PDS (TPO) | PDS (PVC) for a complete list of ranges and more information.

Data Sheets and Product Drawings available upon request.


Hose clamps, for counter flashing, are not included but are available for all Standard Sizes. Custom sizes are available for any diameter larger than 6” and should be ordered in 1” increments, for example, if you penetration has an OD of 8.625” you would fill in 9” for diameter when building your custom sized split. Customs are also designed to have a 1” range. Hose clamps for customs are provided by others unless you want to tie multiple hose clamps together to accommodate larger diameters. Hose clamps are used for counter flashing or water running down the penetration above the boots riser and require manufacturer recommended sealant which is provided by others. Flash Tech products are made using standard riser heights, base sizes and flanges but these can be customized, therefore “Build Custom” for those options. Most manufacturers have installation videos you can view one of them here.

Sizes & Ordering

Standard Sizes

1″0″ – 1″ id
2″1″ – 2″ id
3″2″ – 3″ id
4″3″ – 4″ id
5″4″ – 5″ id
6″5″ – 6″ id

Material & Colors








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White, Dark Bronze, Gray, Slate Gray, Tan


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